Decision NYC 2021 Mayoral Candidate: Guiddalia Emilien Interview with Ben Max at Gotham Gazette

The Race for NYC Mayor: Who’s Running to Run This Town in 2021

Amid a pandemic that has cratered the city’s finances, dozens of candidates have already filed their paperwork to run for mayor. They’ll campaign in an abbreviated season ahead of the June 22 primaries. Here’s what you need to know.

The City. “The adage that being mayor of New York City is the “second-toughest job in America” may never have been more true than now. The city’s budget has taken a huge hit from COVID-19 shutdowns. Joblessness, demand for aid and a looming eviction crisis are exacerbating the economic inequality that existed before the virus arrived last year. The city has also seen a major spike in shootings.

And yet, more than two dozen New Yorkers have signed up to become our next mayor and more are eyeing a bid. Whomever succeeds Bill de Blasio must cope with the pandemic’s aftermath (hopefully), as well the unprecedented economic and social disruption it has wrought.”