On March 15, 2020 we were advised amid the Covid19 pandemic that we had to shut down, and stay at home to slow the spread. Business owners such as restaurant owners, and mom and pap shops across the city were obliged to shut down for what was supposed to be 15 days to slow the spread. Nine months later the government has incrementally moved the goal post while changing the narrative in order to “Slow The Spread.”

Many of us continue to be left confused as to when this will end as some us have been left with little to no assistance by city or state. Something does not pass the smell test. As we were being told that we had to stay home to “Slow The Spread,” corporations by the likes of Amazon, Home Depot etc. were allowed to stay open which created not only a monopoly but also a control over the market. The outcome for these corporations was that their stocks went up, and they made billions in profit.

The impact of this monopoly and control of the market has devastated businesses varying in sizes, especially small businesses. Americans can attest to the fact that most of us were ill prepared for even small to medium size emergencies, in fact most New Yorkers cannot even afford a $2,000.00 emergency. So, imagine being told we were to prepare for the emergency of our lifetime. The Biggest Emergency In Human History – FIFTEEN DAYS TO SLOW THE SPREAD, this is what we were all told.

This meant 15 days without a paycheck, 15 days without the ability to see our family members and friends, 15 days of being glued to the TV trying to figure out what would happen next. 15 days to keep hospitals from being overwhelmed from a corona virus strain that had never been seen before. For many of us we spent these fifteen days unravelling and bracing for the possibilities of us being directly or indirectly impacted by Covid19. Everyday there were more deaths being reported, and every day we were being given new updates and developments from the CDC, Dr. Fauci, Dr. Burke, and Donald Trump. I was all in, I had to stay informed as much as my psyche could handle. 15 days came and 15 days went.

For those of us who thought we were going to open back up, open our businesses, earn a living again, see our loved ones, travel, and return to some resemblance of a normal life we were wrong and we had no idea what was in store for us. I watched every news conference from beginning to end and one thing became very obvious, the health officials and the media were continuously and incrementally moving the goalpost when it came to re-opening. While this has caused businesses, who could afford it to flee this city, the mom-and-pop shops were left behind and in the dark.

By the middle of April, one month into the shutdown a majority of New Yorkers had yet to earn a penny, while BLEEDING whatever they had carefully saved. For the first time in my lifetime, I watched New Yorkers who had never asked the government for assistance, line up at food banks to simply feed their families. I myself come from a developing nation where we too have our unregulated 1% ruling class who leave nothing for anyone else.

I am now being made to witness a New York City that looks as if it’s heading in the same direction as the country I fled from. A New York City that is being bleed out by failed policies which negatively impact the hardworking middle- and lowest-income communities while giving substantial benefits to the 1%.

I am being made to witness a New York City where our vigor and vitality has been stripped away to benefit corporate greed, big banking, and special interest groups. I am being made to witness a New York that is going down a road we should not follow. But this is New York City who has one of the largest GDP in the world, yet we are heading straight for a financial crisis that will send New Yorkers into extreme poverty.

My fellow New Yorkers, I call upon you to work with me and support my campaign for the New York City 2021 Mayoral election to End The Bleeding. Whether you are on the left, in the center, or on the right it is time for us to ban together against these manageable threats. With trillions of dollars sent to bailout out the 1% yet again, New Yorkers will inevitably be left behind with absolutely no help when they need it most. It is time for us to reopen New York, it is time for small businesses to be given the respect and support they so desperately need. Our leaders have failed us by choosing corporations, banks, and pharmaceutical interests over New Yorkers. Now is the time for us to push bac

It's Time To Safely Reopen New York City